Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds talk Blade: Trinity!

Don't worry, you'll still get to see Wesley Snipes kicking tons of vampire ass in Blade: Trinity, but the film introduces some new characters as a way of passing the torch. The Night Stalkers are a group of young vampire hunters led by Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). Hannibal and Abigail join Blade on his latest vampire hunt, and both actors had to buff up for the challenge.

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"I'll never work out like that again," said Reynolds. "That was pretty intense but it slowly goes away. I'm ten pounds lighter than I was in the movie but we put on a little over twenty pounds just for the role specifically. [Director] David [Goyer] asked me when I first met him, ‘Can you do that?' And I said, ‘absolutely'. That was so full of sh*t. I didn't know if I could do that. But whenever an actor auditions for anything they're like ‘So, can you fly an F-15 Tomcat?' and you're like ‘Yeah. I went to camp for it'. You just lie, lie, lie and figure it out on the day. But, I actually managed to do it. New Line was very helpful with trainers and nutritionists. You learn so much and you've just got to live it and do the four hours of whatever every day."

Then there was martial arts choreography. Biel said, "I was also working with the best stunt people ever. If I gave kind of a crappy punch they still sold it like I knocked them out so it was really half of our stunt's people fault that it looked so great. They do it for a living, we've only done it for four months. It was 14, 15 hours one day of just fighting all day long and after the day I was just wiped. Every muscle [hurt] I almost threw out my back. You get to the point where, ‘Holy crap I don't know if I'm going to survive it," but it was awesome, it was so much fun, I had such a good time doing it."

But don't send Biel any get well cards. The back thing was just a normal side effect of a day's hard labor. "I have kind of a weak back anyway and I got a bit of a chiropractic adjustment, which kind of cleaned me right up so I think it could have been really bad if we hadn't taken care of it right away. I really didn't have any other injuries besides my knees and my shins. I looked like I had been hit by a sledgehammer. I was just bruised up and down. Colliding knees with shins and knees hitting corners. It was just a mess of knees hitting things, but that's it. I was really lucky."

Reynolds brings most of the film's humor with his wisecracking one-liners, picking on Blade, the bad guys and even his own gadget man. One of the film's highlights is Hannibal's interrogation by the female vampire that once bit him. "David definitely imbued a sense of humor in Hannibal King which is what attracted me in the first place but that whole scene was, we just said ‘look, we've got a week and a half to shoot it. Let's just start having some fun.'"

Reynolds invented the film's most memorable obscenity, "c*ck juggling thunder c*nt." "That was mine. When I was in 5th grade there was a carton called Thundercats which all the popular kids loved so they started a little group called The Thunder Cats which I wasn't allowed in. I was very upset about that so I called them Thunder C*nts and somehow that worked it's way up, seventeen years later, into a Blade movie. The c*ck-juggling was just a moment of inspiration."

Biel said that Reynolds often made it difficult to keep a straight face during the scenes. But director Goyer was actually the film's big prankster. "No one's ever played jokes on me except this movie where it was joke after joke after joke," she said. "I kill all these SWAT guys and they are all lying on the floor and so for weeks and weeks we had all these dummies dressed in SWAT gear on the floor. You just get used to stepping over them, they're everywhere, they're all over the set. So of course one of our prop guys gets dressed up and lies down on the floor and I didn't know about it. David calls me over and says, ‘Seriously I need to talk to you about something.' Then at the right moment the guy on the floor grabbed my leg. I screamed and everyone laughed. Also, he loved this, this was his favorite. I'm walking with my flashlight and my gun and I'm looking for Zoe and I have to look in a meat locker. He hid in the meat locker and I don't know and it's take three and my gun is so heavy and my arms are shaking and I'm looking and I open this meat locker and ‘Aargh!' and it scared the shit out of me. I had this gun and this flashlight and I didn't know what to do."

For her part, Biel relieved some of Reynolds' stress around all the other big, buff guys. "We were having a blast," he said. "We were just perpetually exhausted too. Jess was fantastic. It was just great to have her around. It was also great to have somebody to relate to because these guys like Wesley and Triple H, these guys live this way. They are always lifting weights and in shape. When you start out where you've never done that before ever and you have to keep up this huge transformation, it's great to have somebody to relate, just to say, ‘oh my God, can you believe this?' That girl's got a few muscles. I consider her a good friend."

Blade: Trinity opens today.

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