The world of the future is here - that is, thanks to Wilbur Robinson. Disney's latest animated film, Meet the Robinsons hits theaters March 30th, but you can play with Wilber and his family in the comfort of your own home.

Buena Vista Games and Avalanche Software have created a video game based off the film, titled appropriately, Meet the Robinsons - how clever! was fortunate enough to catch a sneak peak at the game at the Walt Disney Studios in California.

After checking out the film - in Disney Digital 3D, we headed up to an area at the Animation Studios where we were treated to all different platforms (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS) of the game on high definition televisions. And, there were plenty of Avalanche and Buena Vista people ready and willing to help out.

I first checked out the PlayStation 2 version. I found out is these designers spent months and months working with the cast and crew of the movie to develop a game that most closely resembles the film. What makes the Meet the Robinsons game stand out is that the actual cast voiced the characters, which as popular as it's becoming, is still uncommon.

So as I chatted with the designer, a colleague from another company raced through the game, checking out all the small cracks and crevices in the Robinson's house. In the game, you are Wilbur Robinson, the star of the film; you've got to help make sure the precious time machine doesn't fall into the wrong hands - the evil, but slightly clumsy, Bowler Hat Guy.

Of course, throughout each level, there's a great little game attached - one is a hamster-hole like maze, kind of a race against time. This can keep you busy for hours - not only because it's so much fun, but you'll want to play it until you beat the time. Another game inside the game is a Breakout game; this you play against the computer - again, good stuff.

The Meet the Robinsons game will have you playing in your living room for hours. It's rated E-10+, and in stores now.

Meet the Robinsons, the movie, hits theaters March 30th; the voice talent includes Tom Selleck, Angela Bassett, and Steve Anderson (who's also directing).