If you want one person fighting a giant shark alongside you, it's probably Ruby Rose. And as luck would have it, that's exactly who Jason Statham is getting as a sidekick in the long-awaited adaptation of Meg, the prehistoric great white novel from author Steve Alten. Jon Turteltaub is directing this thriller for Warner Bros. and Gravity Pictures, which is set for release March 2, 2018.

A break out on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose is currently deep into negotiations to star in Meg. Earlier in the week, it was announced that Jessica McNamee (Sirens) had signed on as the female lead. Chinese actress Bingbing Fan has also signed on, with most of the story set in her home country.

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Meg is considered an ensemble, which will be led by Statham, who plays a former Naval captain and expert diver. He is recruited to undertake a deep-sea mission rescue off the coast of China, where he must save a couple of scientists who find themselves under attack from a threat more terrifying than any monster. Yes, Statham will come face-to-face with the Carcharodon Megalodon, a 70-foot, 40-ton prehistoric great white shark.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ruby Rose is playing Jaxx in the movie. She is described as a 'kick-ass engineering genius and member of the marine research team'. Jaxx is not a character in the original novel, and it's clear that the movie is taking some great liberties, and will not follow the book, using it instead for inspiration. The movie is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Belle Avery and Colin Wilson.

Ruby Rose got her start as an Australian model and DJ. Her first American role was in Netflix's Orange is the New Black, appearing in Seasons 3 and 4. She has suddenly become a very hot commodity when it comes to action sequels. She will appear in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick 2, all coming in 2017.

Warner Bros., Flagship Entertainment and the Chinese company Gravity Pictures will co-finance Meg, with Gravity Pictures handling distribution in China, with Warner Bros. handling the film throughout the rest of the world. Executive producers are Wei Wayne Jiang, Barrie M. Osborne, Randy Greenberg and Gerald R. Molen. Meg will open one week after the long await giant monsters vs robots sequel Pacific Rim 2 and will open opposite an as yet untitled Fox Marvel project which many believe to either be Deadpool 2 or the X-Men spinoff Gambit starring Channing Tatum.