Video Game adaptations haven't traditionally fared quite well at the box office, but that could all change in the next few years, with high-profile, big-budget movies such as Assassin's Creed. The Tracking Board has word that 20th Century Fox is developing another video game adaptation, based on the hit 1980s Nintendo game Mega Man. The studio is teaming up with producer Peter Chernin's Chernin Enertainment for this new project.

Originally entitled Rock Man for its Japanese release, Mega Man debuted for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987, developed by Capcom. In the original game, the title character was created by a man named Dr. Light, who was to become his lab assistant. The doctor was betrayed by Dr. Wily, who stole Dr. Light's work and made evil robot with special weapons to take over the world. This lead to Dr. Light modifying his lab assistant into a battle droid with armor and a cannon, giving him the new title of Mega Man.

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After Mega Man defeats Wily's evil robots, he gains the ability to mimic their weapons, which comes in handy since several enemies are often vulnerable to other villain's weapons. There have been 10 games released in the main series, with a number of spinoffs and collections being released in the years that followed. Most recently, Digital Eclipse Software released the Mega Man Legacy Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 3DS.

Peter Chernin is producing the adaptation, with David Ready and Michael Finfer overseeing for Chernin Entertainment and Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan overseeing for 20th Century Fox. This news comes just a few weeks after a report that Nintendo is considering making movies based on their popular video game characters for the first time since the box office disaster Super Mario Bros. in 1993. This project doesn't exactly confirm that report to be true, since Capcom developed the game for Nintendo.

Mega Man is just the latest in a slew of adaptations of classic games that have been announced recently. Dwayne Johnson is attached to star in Rampage, while a miniseries based on the game franchise Castlevania was also recently announced. What do you think about Mega Man coming to the big screen?