Confirmation that Justice League: Mortal has been cancelled seems to be appearing, little by little. Australia's Herald Sun reports that Australian super-model turned actress Megan Gale has been "let go" from the production.

After the film's troubled production history, including difficulty in locking down a cast and director George Miller's problems with the Australian government over financial issues, it comes as no great surprise to see that the film isn't going to happen.

Agents for Gale and Teresa Palmer (who was rumored to be cast as Talia Al-Ghul) are claiming that the film is not yet cancelled. They said "To our knowledge the production is still going ahead and we are just waiting for shoot dates to be confirmed. We have not heard anything otherwise."

That said, most insiders believe Justice League: Mortal is dead, and producer Joel Silver has openly stated that the film was "tabled for now."