Mad Max: Fury Road and Lethal Weapon 5: In an interview with Moviehole, Gibson talks about the future of the "Lethal Weapon" and "Mad Max" franchises and it doesn't sound like he'll be playing either Martin Riggs or 'Mad' Max ever again - which will especially annoy those anxiously awaiting for the recently postponed Mad Max 4 : Fury Road.

He laughs when asked how much money he still gets offered for a new "Lethal Weapon". "Ah, good question. I'm too old and I can't deal with the action stuff anymore." RELATED: The Mad Max Anthology Brings Entire Series Together on 4K Ultra HD for the First Time

That also tends to rule out the much delayed Mad Max 4. "It's getting to the point where they'll start calling it Fat Max", but hopes, at the very least, to work again with Weir and Miller. "Those guys are masters so of course I'd love to work with them again. The trouble is, will they want me?"

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