Mel Gibson: Reports are flooding in from all over the net about Mel Gibson's next directorial project, The Passion. Starring Jim Caviezel, The Passion is a chronicle of the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ, according to Variety. Here's the part that has everyone in an uproar, Gibson plans on playing out the entire story in two ancient tongues - Latin and Aramaic, WITH NO SUBTITLES. Here's what Gibson had to say to ABC News:

"For me that's more real and hopefully I'll be able to transcend language barriers with filmic storytelling. It's very visual and it's about something that has ... affected civilization in every possible way you can imagine."

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"No-one wants to touch something in two dead languages. They think I'm insane, maybe I am."

"It's very easy to be shaken these days faith-wise. All this kind of paedophilia stuff in the United States, it's hard to hang on to a foundation with this stuff going on."

"Many people have told the story but ... it's like looking at it from the wrong end of the telescope, I mean Jesus either suffers from bad hair or it's inaccurate or you don't believe it."

"There's two things I wouldn't do on film and I said this when I was in my 20s - I will never play myself if it ever comes to that and I will never play Jesus."

Movie Picture According to Dark Horizons, we should see a new trailer for The Two Towers hitting theaters (and most likely the web) within a week or so. Keep your eyes peeled at Lights Out.

In other Lord Of The Rings news the official fan club magazine for the films sat down for an interview with Peter Jackson in which he served up a few juicy tidbits on .

When asked if there would be an extended version of The Two Towers on DVD, here's what he said:

Yes. There is certainly enough footage. We've got some great scenes that we didn't have time for in the film version.

Have you thought about your next project? Might it be King Kong?

No, we're not going to be doing King Kong. We have 2 small New Zealand stories that we want to do. I couldn't face the prospect of going into another huge film, even if it was Kong. I want to make something much, much smaller, so Fran and I have a couple of true-life New Zealand stories that we want to do. We might make one or both of those. They are very small, drama-based films.

If the rights for "The Hobbit" were ever to come up, would you be interested in doing it?

It depends. I don't think I would want to do "The Hobbit" right after these films. I would want to go and do something else in between times. If people gave me a break, and I was able to get onto something else, the "The Hobbit" might be something I would like to come back to.

On the other hand, I would love for somebody else to make "The Hobbit" so I could see it. The one thing with Lord Of The Rings that I have missed is the ability to go and see the films and enjoy them in the way that other people can. I can't quite enjoy it because I am too close to it. I have never had the experience of seeing it for the first time. Part of me would like to be able to walk into a cinema and see "The Hobbit" and not have any expectations, to not know what they did and just be surprised.

Two Cops:Killer Movies has scored some on set stills of the action going on in the new Harrison Ford flick, Two Cops. CLICK HERE

Gladiator 2: According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Logan (The Time Machine, Any Given Sunday) has been hired to pen the script for the sequel to Gladiator:

Although details of the plot are being kept under wraps, it reportedly will pick up 15 years after the end of the first installment, which saw the demise of several lead characters, including topliner Crowe. Lined up to produce "Gladiator 2" are Franzoni, Red Wagon's Doug Wick and DreamWorks co-topper Walter Parkes. Universal Pictures will likely take international rights on the sequel, as it did on the first "Gladiator."

Zorro 2: In a recent interview with Czech newspaper Mlada fronta Dnes, Antonio Banderas says he won't star in the sequel to Zorro.

"I could have been rich," he tells Czech newspaper Mlada fronta Dnes. "It would have been $20million for each sequel. But I would prefer to concentrate on other things, theatre maybe."

Banderas also revealed a wish to direct a film starring his wife Melanie Griffith: "I'd love to direct my wife in a film. I know that very rarely does it work out when a husband directs his wife, but I like such challenges and maybe it would be successful."

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up.

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