The Passion: According to The IMDB, Mel Gibson has decided to include English subtitles in the entirely in the Aramic language. Sources report that a Christian focus group has been invited to screen the film, but have found that in the film's current state there are too many subtitles:

"I don't know if Mel was ever serious about not having any subtitles. If he was, he has moved beyond that now. The version I saw actually had too many subtitles. We don't need distracting translations flashing on the screen when the Roman soldiers are saying obvious things like, 'Hey, you, move!' Mel noted that they were going to eliminate some of the subtitles in future edits". Others in the group are raving about the project - "The Passion is a stunning work of art. It is a devout act of worship from Mel and his collaborators. Let's get the controversy out of the way right at the top. The film is faithful to the Gospel, particularly St. John. It is no more anti-Semitic than is the Gospel".

Thanks to DH for the heads up!