Movie Picture{0} reports the entire ending for this summers Men In Black 2 has been completely redone. Originally there was to be a bunch of UFO building crashing sorta stuff revolving around the it's the Statue of Liberty holding a giant de-nuerolizer (for obvious reasons). For the full report, spoilers and all (and details of a Michael Jackson cameo!) {1}. {2} director Peter Jackson is getting a buncha praise for the first installment of his epic trilogy undertaking, further proving the fact that all great movie folks start in horror. From Sam Raimi to James Cameron to Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon, all of the greats began their infamous careers with gory, campy splatter films. In the case of Jackson, check out 1992's {3} (AKA {4}) and witness the only film to (arguably) beat out Evil Dead 2 in excessive gore and zaniness. So go rent it. Take that, Hobbiton.

Michael Crichton, the guy who conceived such box office milestones as Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 2 has another silver-screen translation in the works, this time a sci-fi action thriller (titled Timeline) about two guys (Paul Walker and Gerard Butler) getting sent back to a hostile 14th century world. Won’t be as good as Army of Darkness, I can tell ya that much already…

Yep. ~Steve

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