Chris Hemsworth has suited up and gone to work as an alien busting special agent this week. The Men in Black spin-off has officially started shooting. The first set images have leaked, and they show the Thor star in his signature MIB black tie and sunglasses. He looks ready to fight extraterrestrial forces with a smile.

Chris Hemsworth's time as Thor in the Marvel universe may be coming to an end with next summer's Avengers 4. So he's locked down his next big franchise, taking the lead in what should be Men in Black 4, but is being called a spin-off by Sony. It will be a reboot of the series, but won't erase what has come before it, like Hemsworth's Ghostbusters remake unwisely did.

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In Men in Black, Chris Hemsworth will be reuniting with his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson, who is playing his partner. The two are the lead agents of the London MIB branch, giving fans a new look into this world, coming at things from an international perspective. This also gives the gang room to allow for a Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones cameo, if it so happens.

F. Gary Gray is directing this next adventure in the Men in Black saga. And he officially went to work this week. The first photos from set aren't particularly revealing. But we do see Hemsworth in the strict dress code. As far as story points go, that's never been a big concern of this franchise, with most of the action hinged on its leading men as they trot around getting into various alien adventures.

With shooting just starting, and set photos leaking almost immediately, it's not hard to image that more and more images will flood the internet. It doesn't appear that Sony is being too precious with hiding this spin-off. They treated Ghostbusters the same way, with new set photos arriving almost daily. That didn't necessarily help that movie when it came time to open at the box office though.

Along with Hemsworth and Thompson, this new MIB adventure boasts quite the cast. Liam Neeson is overseeing the London branch. Kumail Nanjiani is playing an alien sidekick. And it's been rumored that Rafe Spall will play the movie's villain. It's possible that more cast members will be announced in the coming weeks as shooting continues. For now, you can check out Chris Hemsworth in his MIB tie and glasses, looking ecstatic to be on set. Maybe Sony will drop a few surprises at Comic-Con. We've gathered some of the Chris Hemsworth photos for you to check out here. The majority of them can be seen at Just Jared.

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