Back in November, two teaser posters debuted for Men in Black III, which arrives in theaters May 25. Those one-sheets also featured a viral website at, which is "operated" by a high school kid dubbed "BugEyes126." The site was recently updated with his sketch of a particle accelerator, along with a brief note. Take a look at the photo and note below.

Men in Black III: Paticle Accelerator Sketch

"I was doodling in science class yesterday, this image that I just couldn't get out of my head. Wasn't sure if it was something I've seen before or maybe just from a dream I had. My lab partner saw it in my notebook and said it kind of looked like some large particle accelerator?

So I looked it up, and these "colliders" can cost over 6 billion dollars! Yeah, billions spent to build this just to "see what would happen". Not sure I buy it.

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Using it to secretly transport aliens to and from distant plants seems more likely... Not that I think the Men In Black Suits have anything to do with this. They wouldn't use this for interplanetary transport of ETs. It's just a giant school science project! Right?"

We're not quite sure what this means as far as the Men in Black III story line is concerned, but we'll keep you posted on the latest updates from this viral site.