The opening weekend box office predictions for Men In Black: International are in. It's been nearly a decade since a Men in Black movie was on the big screen and now we're only a few weeks away from the reboot. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the original trilogy and the reboot is set to star Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. Sony is hoping to get some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe buzz with the stars of Thor: Ragnarok on board.

When compared to the rest of the franchise, Men in Black: International is tracking to be the lowest opening weekend at the box office. Predictions place the reboot at a $40 million start while all three of the previous installments opened with at least $50 million. Obviously, this does not spell doom for the movie at all. We're still three weeks away from the movie opening and we're waiting for early reviews to create some word-of-mouth marketing.

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With some positive early reviews, Men in Black: International could go on to get in the same ballpark as the original trilogy's opening weekends. With that being said, International is the only one in the franchise not to open during a three-day weekend, which should be taken into account here. And while the domestic box office numbers have gotten smaller with each installment, the global box office numbers have been on the rise over the years. Both Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth were last seen in Avengers: Endgame, which was released last month and is already the second highest grossing movie of all time, so there could also be some more people interested in seeing the movie.

1997's Men in Black was a surprise hit for Sony, grossing over $589.3 million globally during its initial theatrical run. However, having Will Smith on board at that time pretty much guaranteed a hit, no matter what the movie was about or who else was starring in it. It's possible that fans of the franchise are resistant to new actors coming on board, which is understandable since it really hasn't been all that long since we've seen Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in their iconic suits.

Reboots, for the most part, are always going to have a struggle to compete with the originals and Men in Black: International is no different. While the movie might not do as well as the studio anticipated domestically, it will more than likely end up making some decent cash overseas when all is said and done. Plus, we're still waiting for those early reactions and reviews to truly gauge how many people are going to be heading out on opening weekend. Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14th and Deadline was the first to report on the opening weekend box office predictions.