Some angry fans are calling for Liam Neeson to be digitally edited out of Men In Black: International after revealing that he wanted to "kill a black bastard." The week did not start off very well for Neeson who sat down for an interview to promote his upcoming Cold Pursuit. When asked how he gets into character for all of the revenge movie that he does, Neeson told a story about a friend who had been raped and his quest for revenge, which involved him going into the "black area" of town, waiting for someone to come at him just so that he could kill them.

Liam Neeson has since tried to clarify his comments, but it only seemed like he was doubling down on them in another recent interview. As a result, Lionsgate shut down the red carpet event for Cold Pursuit. And now, social media is crying to have Neeson completely cut out of Men in Black 4, just like Ridley Scott had to do with Kevin Spacey for All the Money in the World. One person had this to say.

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"I really hope it's not too late to digitally erase that racist f*ck Liam Neeson from the new Men In Black movie."

Other people called for a Men in Black 4 boycott because of Liam Neeson's racist comments, while others are starting to think it was a bad idea to cast him in the first place. Obviously, this is only a handful of people that believe this way, there are also people who are joking about the situation with memes. There are also plenty of people who stand by Neeson's side. Another person explains.

"You can literally hear Liam Neeson evaporating from all the upcoming Men in Black International marketing."

Director Ava DuVernay launched into a long Twitter thread about white privilege where she targeted Liam Neeson. She posed a picture of Neeson, along with his recent quote and asked people to imagine what it would be like if original Men in Black star Will Smith said the same thing. DuVernay's argument is that it would have been a completely different situation had Smith made the same comments, but instead said he wanted to kill a "white bastard."

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding Liam Neeson at the moment. There are still people who don't believe that he is racist. One of which is comedian and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg. She defended Neeson by saying that a lot of people walk around with "rage," and then asked, "is he a bigot?" And then answered her own question by saying "no." Goldberg says that she's been around him long enough to know that he isn't racist. However, that isn't stopping people from calling for Neeson to be digitally edited out of Sony Pictures' Men in Black 4. You can read some of the comments below.