Brie Larson really wants to play Samus Aran in a live-action Metroid movie. The Captain Marvel actress has brought it up more than once over the years and Nintendo fans really want it to happen, especially after she brought it up again in a new interview. Things went overboard when she dressed as the iconic video game character for Halloween in 2018, which spawned a ton of fan artwork. And when it comes to artwork, BossLogic is the right person for the job.

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Brie Larson was asked about the Metroid movie in a recent interview. The interviewer says, "They all want you to play Samus, Brie. They all want you to be in a Metroid movie." Nintendo fans have been asking for a Metroid movie for years now, and now they all want Larson as Samus Aran. Larson had this to say about the possibility of a movie.

"I would love that so much. So, I was Samus for Halloween two years ago... It was literally a $20 costume I bought off of Amazon, it was like nothing. I was so excited about it, and so I posted a picture of it on Instagram of me and the costume and it turned into this thing of people being like 'Woah!' She was always my character that I played as in Super Smash Bros. and I just loved her. So that whole thing started and I've definitely not put a squash to that story and I definitely want to make that movie, I definitely want to participate in that. So, Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it!"

Nintendo should jump on this opportunity. It's not every day that an Academy Award winning actress is offering up her services for a video game movie. Big screen adaptations don't always have the best track record, but they have been seen in a better light over the past few years. Sonic the Hedgehog is the latest video game movie to hit theaters and receive critical acclaim. It would be the highest grossing video game movie of all time dad it not been pulled from theaters prematurely.

As for a Metroid movie, it has been discussed numerous times. Back in 2004, John Woo was attached to direct. However, there have been no updates since then with only blips on the radar when Brie Larson brings it up. Whenever Larson does talk about it, Metroid starts to trend and the Nintendo fans take to social media to back the actress and her pursuit to make the movie a real thing.

One fan seems to have summed it up best when he says, "I mean, imagine this: an action-horror movie with Alien vibes in a lonely and terrifying planet, with a hero journey, and Brie Larson respecting and knowing the character that is Samus Aran. How awesome would that be..." This seems to be on the top of a number of wish lists at the moment. Maybe now Nintendo will start the development process again. You can check out the interview with Brie Larson above, thanks to Gary Whitta's YouTube channel.