Let me start off with some video game news for the week. Now, with all these new systems coming out in the next year, being a hardcore gamer is gonna be tough, unless you're rich. Well today we found out that the new version of Metroid coming out on Nintendo's new system, The GameCube, will be a first person shooter. I don't know about you but Metroid would be one of the only reasons I would personally even consider buying Nintendo's new system, but now with one of the greatest series in video game history taking a %100 turn in gameplay style, my hopes have gone away completely. I think Brock would agree with me on this one, being a hardcore side scroller himself. Well, at least the ftp://ftp.zdnet.com/gs/gsnews/00_08/24_vg_spaceworld/ngc_sw_direct.mpg|test footage was cool.{@IMG:7TtZWiPOc4xtlD7VVo0NCkgnd2arBB|Movie [email protected]}

OK. I know everyone and their Mom has a chubby for the very first Star Wars fan flick TROOPS, but that thing was created years ago.

We've moved into a new era of fan film making. The most intense fan film ever created has finally been released. I'm going to let DUALITYspeak for itself.

Lights Out now knows the standards to create the upcoming "Twilight's Wrath" by.

Speaking of The Force.net, they have created a new news documentary show called TFN Digital. It gives the latest on the events surrounding Star Wars Episode II, as well as some really cool interviews with cast and crew of the film. So if you're into Star Wars, this is a must see.

According to "The Official Halloween Movie Site" principal photography for the 8th installment in the Halloween movie series will begin shooting this April in Vancouver, Canada. Supposedly Whitney Ransick, known for several works in TV land, is set to direct this crap.

Why would they do this to us? Why? It's not like the last 5 Halloweens were any good anyway. Does anyone besides Brock & I even watch these things? We'll see.

Lights Out is currently conducting out Best Picture poll for the academy. If you haven't gotten in on the action it's time to do so RIGHT NOW! Polling ends in a few days, and that's were we show Hollywood what we're really made of.

Brock did some research on some upcoming foreign films last week. He's picked some really cool trailers for all of you to enjoy, so don't hurt his feelings and get to the Movie Trailers

section now, and check out personal favorites like Battle Royal, and Versus.

I just received the completed score from Lights Out composer Clint Hoagland last night! YOU WILL BE SEEING "THE RENTAL" THIS WEEK! And yes, that is a threat.

javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute is up! Every Monday kiddies, just like we promised! Parental discretion is advised on this one. Mushy cussed. He's getting a little cocky.

Coming soon...some words on "Twilight's Wrath" & a live chat with "The Rental" director Matt Enright. Also, Lights Out going to E3? What?

Stay Tuned...~Brian