According to The Hollywood Reporter, Two studios are going green, and it's not with envy. MGM and Buena Vista Pictures, the distribution arm of Walt Disney Studios, are opting out of using traditional silver-applicated soundtracks on their film prints in favor of more environmentally-friendly pure-dye analog soundtracks. The moves, announced by MGM on Friday and by Disney today are timed to coincide with the opening of the ShoWest 2004 convention in Las Vegas.

The commitment puts the two studios at the forefront of an industrywide effort to eliminate caustic chemicals and conserve some of the water used in the manufacturing and distribution of film prints.

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"Our industry is striving to eliminate sources of environmental harm, improve lab productivity and theatrical efficiency," Buena Vista Distribution president Chuck Viane said. "Buena Vista is proud to be taking a cutting-edge position in this worthy effort."