In a bit of bad timing Sony and MGM have chosen now to rearrange the release dates of some of their Blu-ray titles.

In a story from The Digital Bits, some DVDs have been shuffled while others are curiously off the release schedule altogether.

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The Terminator was due on June 27 and it is now coming out on June 20.

The Last Waltz, A Knight's Tale and Resident Evil: Apocalypse have all been moved from their June 20 release date to July 25.

Memento, Into the Blue and Robocop were slated to come out in June and July, but will now be making their Blu-ray debuts in on August 15.

Sense and Sensibility, Black Hawk Down and The Big Hit were due to come out August 15 as well, but they have currently been pulled from the release schedule.

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