Have we got a slew of horror DVD release information...

In a story from DVD Drive-In, MGM has announced a batch of double feature releases for September 11.

Under the banner of Midnite Movies, MGM (via their 20th Century Fox distribution arm) will be bringing out:

- Return of Dracula/The Vampire

- The Beast With A Million Eyes/Phantom From 10,000 Leagues

- Pharaoh's Curse/Curse Of The Faceless Man

- The Beast Within/The Bat People

- Konga/Yongary, Monster From the Deep.

Also from MGM, on September 11 they will be putting out Witchfinder General. This DVD "will not only be presented as Michael Reeves' director cut, but will also contain the original music score by Paul Ferris."

DVD Features:

- Audio Commentary

- Stills Gallery

Now on to the world of 20th Century Fox...

To promote Halloween, Fox has tapped September 11 to bring out the following double feature sets:

- Tales from the Crpyt/Vault of Horror

- Chosen Survivors/The Earth Dies Screaming

- Devil's of Darkness/Witchcraft

- Blueprint for Murder/Man In the Attic

- Gorilla At Large/Mystery At Monster Island

- The House On Skull Mountain/The Mephisto Waltz

The majority of these titles will sell for $14.98.

Also, all you Fly fans get ready because The Fly Classic Collection will be coming to DVD that same day as well. This release (which will sell for $39.99) will contain The Fly, Return of the Fly as well as the DVD premiere of Curse of the Fly.