MGM has some interesting Blu-ray titles coming out in it's next two waves of releases.

Continuing its support of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format, the only next generation high-definition packaged media that is broadly accepted by the film, music, gaming, computing and consumer electronics industries, MGM Home Entertainment announced two waves of two BD releases each for the fourth quarter today. The four titles to debut on BD are demographically on target with for adopters and Playstation 3 purchasers.

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Slated for release on November 28 is Bryan Singer's acclaimed thriller The Usual Suspects (day-and-date with a special edition DVD) and the compelling Nicholas Cage-starring action, war film, Windtalkers. On December 5, the company will release Sylvester Stallone's Academy Award winning, crowd-pleaser, Rocky (day-and-date with a special edition DVD), and the Chow Yun-Fat and Seann William Scott, comic, action thriller, Bulletproof Monk. All of these BD releases are priced at with a suggested retail price of US$39.98/CAN$49.98.

Noted Eric Doctorow, GM Worldwide of the dedicated MGM unit at Fox: "MGM titles will be released by our new structure at Fox, to which we've fully dedicated a team, to give the product added presence in the marketplace. By capitalizing on the promise of next generation media and releasing MGM's library of classic and popular films on the BD format, we're broadening MGM's earning potential in the $25 billion North American home entertainment industry."

Each of the MGM BD releases is encoded in MPEG 2 and authored in HDMV and features DTS HD Master (Lossless) Audio on selected tracks along with Spanish and Parisian French language tracks. The releases also feature unique pop-up menus as well as a regular menu set.

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