The Amityville Horror: According to Creature Corner, MGM could be considering a remake of the horror classic, The Amityville Horror. Take a look:

Creature-Corner has heard through a reliable source (whose scoop concerning a recent "exclusive" of ours was indeed proven a reality) that MGM is in negotiations to develop a remake of The Amityville Horror. Not some ludicrous sequel. Just a flat-out retelling; although this time around the studio intends to stay truer in essence to the book.

Neither a director nor a writer have been brought aboard seeing as the very idea of a remake is currently on some legal paperwork right now.

Now, just so there's no confusion, this project is not connected to the Dan Farrand's-penned Amityville project which was rumored, earlier this year, to have attracted George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and then Tibor Takacs (The Gate) to direct.

We'll keep you posted on new news from this project...stay tuned.