Listen up, horror fans. Bloody Disgusting broke a scoop earlier today that finds MGM reimagining their Amityville Horror franchise for the DVD market. And this time, the story will revolve around the Internet.

Bloody Disgusting says that MGM is planning a number of Amityville Horror DVD sequels. Hopefully, they will revolve around a hack movie blogger that is tormented by the ghost of a real movie critic who is seeing his works plagiarized in cyberspace. They could even get Kevin Covais to play the blogger, as he looks just like the most hated daily spitter on the web. Or maybe the film will be about the ghost of a Facebook model that was killed by a serial rapist. She returns via the social networking site to seek revenge. Whichever way they go with it, I hope MGM remembers to make it fun. And I hope they don't get re-sued by the ghost of George Lutz.

The first entry in the Amityville Horror direct-to-DVD franchise does not have a set start date at this time.