Move over crazy Juno lingo, MGM is totally developing like this musical thing based on the 1983 comedy Valley Girl. Like oh my god! Do you not totally remember that bitchin movie?!?

Well according to The Hollywood Reporter, Idealogy's Sean Bailey and Matt Smith delivered the novel twist on the cult comedy.

Martha Coolidge directed the original flick about the mixed-clique relationship between a punk (Nicolas Cage) and a Valley girl (Deborah Foreman). It was written and produced by Wayne Crawford and Andrew Lane, and it showcased a distinctive New Wave soundtrack that included Modern English and the Psychedelic Furs.

The year before it hit theaters, Frank Zappa released a hit song called "Valley Girl" that featured his 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit spouting the San Fernando Valley lingo. (Zappa later tried to sue the production, but lost.) The stereotype of the spoiled, slangy blonde illustrated by the movie lived on in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Cher in Clueless and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

The update will graft the Romeo and Juliet-style narrative of the original into a musical colored by reimagined classic '80s tunes.

No production dates have been set, but we will like totally keep you informed.