Untitled Don Rhymer poker film: According to Variety, MGM has placed a bet of $1 million to purchase an untitled poker pitch from Don Rhymer (Big Momma's House) for Dylan Sellers to produce.

The comedy revolves around the exploits of three men who scheme a way to play in the world series of poker tournament in Las Vegas without their wives finding out. Rhymer will pen the script.

MGM is picking up the project as interest in poker is suddenly heating up as a spectator sport on television. Cablers Bravo, Fox Sports, ESPN and the Travel Channel have recently been broadcasting poker tournaments and celebrity matchups, which have turned into ratings grabbers for the webs.

MGM is looking to put the project on the fast track, with Rhymer expected to deliver his script in midsummer. The film could head into pre-production as early as the fall.