Ralph Lamb Biopic: According to Variety, MGM will make a movie based on the experiences of Ralph Lamb, a cowboy who became sheriff of Las Vegas and cleaned up the town when casinos became big business.

Casino scribe Nick Pileggi is writing the script and Arthur Sarkissian is producing.

The pic is likely the first one initiated personally by studio owner Kirk Kerkorian, who crossed paths with Lamb many times as owner of the MGM Grand and a handful of other casinos.

Kerkorian suggested the film to MGM chairman-CEO Alex Yemenidjian. They brought in "Rush Hour"producer Sarkissian, who had just reupped his first-lookdeal at MGM. Next came Pileggi, who sparked immediately to the job. Lamb was apparently the guy most feared by the mobsters Pileggi interviewed for "Casino."

"Imagine 10 million people with a lot of money descending on this tiny town, and every thief and crook showing up to rob them," Pileggi said. "This cowboy becomes sheriff and brings law and order to town. He is about as close to Gary Cooper in 'High Noon' as you'll find."