In an MGM press release, the studio has announced that its television distribution section will be handling various upcoming movie sequels:

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution Group will launch a worldwide sales campaign for the following movies:

*Legally Blonde 3 -- Beauty and brains bring big laughs.

*Cutting Edge 3 -- The romantic drama about the quest for victory among professional ice skaters.

*Into the Blue 2 -- A new and exciting installment based on the action thriller about aspiring treasure hunters.

*WarGames 2 -- Scheduled to begin shooting in Montreal in November, the thrilling story of what happens when top officials try to dismantle the famous computer.

*Species 4 -- The fourth installment of the Species franchise continues in Mexico, where new experiments with DNA bring horrific results. An MGM/360 Production, Frank Mancuso, Jr. will oversee production beginning in October on "Species 4." Mancuso has served as the producer or executive producer on the previous Species movies.

No word on when these films will be released in theatres.