MGM: has begun to develope an update of the 1980 classic Airplane . The project, titled Soul Plane , is described as being an urban version of the Zucker Brothers classic.

Ja Rule: Rapper/Actor Ja Rule who's currently topping charts on his collaboration with Actor/Singer J.Lo, recently talked to the media about his character's return in Fast & The Furious 2 . You may recall, Ja Rule had a small role in the first film. Rule told various papers that he was looking forward to having a larger role in the sequel and that the project will be done in Miami. Rule also mentioned that he's onboard the sequel to surprise hit Pitch Black , which is being called Riddick.

Blackout: Arnold and Anne Kopelson have reportedly shelled out a million dollars for a spec script by writer Sarah Thorp. The Heavily guarded screenplay is being described simply as being "a gritty thriller for a strong female lead."

(Source:The Hollywood Reporter)

DVD NEWS: Sony has announced the release date for the Jerry Maguire Special Edition as April 30th. Also announced are a Criterion Edition of Oscar winner Traffic ,and a two-disc set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


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