Spring Fever!

Spring is in the air! And young men's minds are turning to...well,you know what they're really thinking... Besides the wonderful weather, marvelous sunshine and horrendous allergies, spring is also an interesting time in the movie industry. Their winter lassitude is put aside as the studios start gearing up for the Summer Blockbuster season. Slowly, but surely, the studios start to promote their big movies. The movies that get released during spring continue to get better and better. And then we reach the first tent-pole - Memorial Day weekend. After that, it's just movie after movie until Labor Day. What a great time of year! So here's a spring themed column, just to celebrate the season.

Part 1: Bright Rays of Sunshine

In an interview with DavidFincher.net, Fincher himself alluded to the possibility of his helming Mission Impossible 3. I can't wait to see what he can do with this property. It also appears that Fincher is now definitely attached to direct Rendezvous With Rama. Check out an interesting little slide show at rendezvouswithrama.com.

Counting Down reportsthat Conan 3 is being produced by not only Jon Jashni, but the The Matrix's Wachowski brothers. They intend to use Arnold's age to make it Lear-like, with Conan passing the torch to his son, Kon. Now I don't know if the son's name originated with the books, but they should change it to avoid confusion with a famous Ricardo Montalbon character. But the really good news is that 'The Rock' may be out and the producers want none other than Vin Diesel. You know, this one might be working out...

Various sources have reported that director Forest Whitaker has left Fat Albert due to creative differences with Bill Cosby. But one scooper has told DarkHorizons that it may be all over for the movie. Props are being packed up and layoff's are immanent. I think we all dodged a bullet on this one! I wonder if there's any chance that Scooby Doo could go to pieces now...

Part 2: Clear, Breezy Days

Gina Phillips and Natasha Henstridge might be in the rumored Resident Evil sequel. At least we get some eye candy...

Several sources have reported that Sam Raimi and the majority of the original cast are already onboard for the sequel to Spider-Man. If the first one makes money (and you know it will) then the second one will certainly be fast-tracked.

Ashley Judd is still very much up for Catwoman.TheHollywood Reporter.com says that French Director Pitof has signed to direct. Can anyone really pull this off except Michelle Pfeiffer?

Sci-Fi Channel's Children Of Dune begins shooting this week in Prague. Susan Sarandon hasjoined the project. That ought to spice things up a bit...

Perhaps Sandra Bullock learned her lesson from Speed 2. Counting Down reports that she has passed on Wonder Woman. You go, girl!

Crispin Glover has the staring role in the remake of Willard. Frankly, as bad as this idea sounds, I can easily picture Glover as a friend to rats. This might work...nah!

Part 3: The Occational Violent Thunderstorm

A new addition to the special Remake Hell category: 1976's TheGumball Rally. See DarkHorizons for the report oddly combining the Bikini Girls with the likes of Nicolas Cage and Heather Graham.

And finally, E! Online reports that western legends Roy Rogers and Dale Evans may get resurrected in a series of family oriented films and TV programs. The producers intended them to be contemporary, hip tales set in the time where they are making the transition between horses and Land Rovers. Definite proof they've finally hit the bottom of the barrel - and kept on digging. Never the less, it does provide me with the perfect sign off...

Yippe-ki-yea, M**********rs! (Hey! Don't give me a hard time -my mother reads this column!) ~Lee