According to Variety, in his first time behind the camera since 1999, Luc Besson has started directing Mia Farrow and Finding Neverland star Freddie Highmore in his 3D and live action English-lingo kid's feature "Arthur."

Shooting began in Normandy Monday at an imitation American-style house, and will continue through to July. French countryside is meant to rep New York state.

Highmore plays Arthur, a little boy who turns to the help of the pixie-like Minimoys to help save his grandfather's house. Farrow plays his mum. Madonna, David Bowie and Snoop Dogg provide voices for the animated characters.

An adaptation of successful kids books penned by Besson, it also reps EuropaCorp's first foray into the Hollywood-dominated world of big budget 3D animation.

The first "Arthur" tome was just released Stateside by Harper Collins.