Raging synth rock, furious TaeKwon-Do and kill-crazy motorcycle ninjas all collide in Miami Connection, the must-see midnight movie sensation of the year from Drafthouse Films, directed by black belt/author/inspirational speaker Grandmaster Y.K. Kim. In what Entertainment Weekly calls "your next favorite cult classic," fearless martial arts rock band Dragon Sound embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice in the streets of Orlando. Miami Connection arrives on high-definition Blu-ray and DVD from RLJ Entertainment's Image Entertainment and Drafthouse Films on December 11, 2012 with SRPs, respectively of $29.97 and $27.97. Miami Connection will also be available via standard and deluxe digital downloads starting at $6 via the film's website: MiamiConnection.org. Special limited edition VHS tapes (run of only 400) will also be available for those who want to view Miami Connection at home in it's 80's-era authentic glory. Pre-order for the VHS edition and other exclusive merchandise is available here: DrafthouseFilms.com/Film/Miami-Connection#vhs.

Miami Connection Blu-ray

Miami Connection DVD

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Following Miami Connection's near-nonexistent theatrical/VHS release in 1987, the film vanished into obscurity. Over two decades later, Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson blindly purchased a rare 35mm print from a reluctant eBay seller for $50. A small test screening of the film's first reel unveiled a relentless fury of ninjas, '80s rock, lawless bikers and brutal knife fights. The crowd lost their minds. Here's what Zack Carlson had to say about that first screening.

"We hold multiple weekly 35mm exploitation series at the Drafthouse, and Miami Connection has repeatedly destroyed our audience in a more powerful way than anything else in the 15 years of our theater's existence."

The film has since played theatrically in over 40 markets nationwide and has caught the attention and earned high praise from mainstream media outlets such as CNN, E!, and The Huffington Post who calls the film a "forgotten B-movie masterpiece!"

Fans can download a free Dragon Sound 2-track soundtrack sampler from the film here.

DVD/Blu-ray Special Features will include:

  • Friends For Eternity: The Making of Miami Connection
  • - Audio Commentary with Star/Writer/Producer Y.K. Kim and Writer/Star Joseph Diamand
  • - Over 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes
  • - The 25th Anniversary Dragon Sound Reunion Concert From Fantastic Fest 2012
  • - Theatrical Trailer created by Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisener
  • - Who Is Y.K. Kim? Promo Video
  • - The New American Dream Promo Video
  • - Theatrical Trailers