IGN Filmforce has recently tapped into the rumormill for some buzz on the casting of the upcoming Michael Mann directed bigscreen adaptation of the hit TV series, Miami Vice...

IGN FilmForce was advised by a source that two veterans of Michael Mann films – specifically Wes Studi and Danny Trejo – were up for roles in the writer-director's big-screen remake of Miami Vice.

Studi appeared in Mann's Heat and Last of the Mohicans, while Trejo was a member of Robert De Niro's crew in Heat.

We asked Mr. Trejo's reps at Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier Talent Agency if he was up for the role of Lt. Martin Castillo, which was played on the original series by Edward James Olmos.

While not confirming that Trejo's part would be Castillo, AEF did advise IGN that "our office is currently in discussions regarding the project and Danny Trejo. ... He is under consideration for two roles in the project."

Mr. Studi's management – the ironically named Michael Mann Talent Agency – would not confirm or deny that Studi had been approached about Miami Vice, except to coyly suggest the fact that the actor has collaborated with Mann twice before should speak for itself.