Zach Braff, Rachel Bilson, and Jacinda Barrett party it up for the release of the soundtrack

We've been laughing at Zach Braff for years on Scrubs - but recently, he's made the jump to the big screen with his amazing directorial debut, Garden State. Zach wrote and starred in the film, opposite Natalie Portman.

There was something that made that film stand out - the music. The soundtrack for Garden State was one of the best I've heard in a long time; boasting with Coldplay, Remy Zero, and Simon and Garfunkel, the CD also had newcomers Cary Brothers and The Shins, among many others. The Garden State soundtrack earned a Grammy Award that year for Best Compilation Soundtrack For A Motion Picture.

Well, Zach is at it again with his latest film, The Last Kiss; he stars along side Jacinda Barrett, and Rachel Bilson. The three have a semi triangular relationship, without giving anything away.

But once again, the film has an amazing soundtrack. And Paramount hosted a Soundtrack Release Party for The Last Kiss in Hollywood this past week. Zach, Jacinda, and Rachel were all on board for the event, as well as some of the performers on the album, including Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin, and Schuyler Fisk.

Before we went into club Privilege, we spoke with a few of the stars of The Last Kiss to find out how they got this amazing lineup. Zach said he was set on bringing Cary back, but the feel of the album was all about what they were working on while they were shooting. "I would make these mixed CD's for Tony (Goldwyn) the director; we are all listening to the same bands and acting and making the movie up in Montreal. When Tony started editing the film, I provided him with like five mixed CD's with all these different musicians and he started placing the songs in places where he liked them in the movie."

In fact, Zach and Cary, along with Zach's Last Kiss co-star Michael Weston all went to Northwestern University together. Michael was also at the party and he talked about that special bond the three of them share. "We sort of all became better friends when we were all living in New York. I know them from Chicago and then Cary and I were great friends and then Zach and I were roommates out here and then Josh is a great friend too. It's the best thing in the world to work with your friends."

Rachel had the chance to have a sneak listen of the CD before it was released, which is now in stores. She immediately picked a favorite tune - Ray LaMontagne, 'Hold you in my Arms.' "The 'Imogen Heap' is just amazing, but [my Arms] is so beautiful; I remember the first time I ever heard it. Zach actually played it for me when we were filming and I fell in love with it."

As far as the artists, we spoke with Josh and Schuyler, who also performed at the event; they said working on this album was an amazing experience for them. They sing the song 'Paperweight' together; "She and I wrote this song 'Paperweight' and demoed it in her bedroom, Rabin said. Zach liked it and here we are."

Giving credit for getting The Last Kiss on the big screen should go to none other than Jacinda Barrett; she had seen the original film, L'Ultimo bacio, and rushed to Lakeshore Entertainment head, Tom Rosenberg. She told him he had to make this movie - and he said ok. "This movie has had a special place in my heart since I first saw it. I fell in love with it and was so moved by all of the issues they were dealing with."

After talking to the cast and artists, we went into the club to hear the performances; Zach got up on the stage and introduced one of the music videos from Cary Brothers' song 'Ride.' Cary then got up on stage and performed a few songs off the soundtrack, including 'Ride.'

Once he was done, Josh Radin hopped up and performed his tunes, one of them being 'Closer,' which Zach directed the music video for. Schuyler joined him for the song 'Paperweight'

The two performances proved one thing - The Last Kiss soundtrack packs a punch! You can pick up a copy of the soundtrack in stores now.

The Last Kiss opens in theaters September 15th; it's rated R.