Michael Angarano, who stars in the upcoming indie The Brass Teapot, has joined the cast of the Heat remake for Sierra/Affinity.

Jason Statham stars as Nick, a recovering gambling addict who takes on protection and security jobs in Las Vegas. He puts it all on the line when he decides to take on the mafia, after his friend is badly beaten. Michael Angarano will play Cyrus Kinnick, a young billionaire tech wiz who hires Nick as a bodyguard and gambling adviser. Sofía Vergara also stars in an unspecified role. Burt Reynolds and Peter MacNicol portrayed Nick and Cyrus in the 1987 film Heat.

Simon West (The Expendables 2) is directing from a screenplay by William Goldman, who wrote the novel and the screenplay adaptation for the original. Jason Statham is also producing alongside Steve Chasman, with Corey Yuen serving as fight choreographer. No production schedule was given.