Bad Boys II: While the Bad Boys sequel won't be released until July 18, director Michael Bay tells MTV that they're already thinking about a third film.

"We'll see how this one does," Bay said Tuesday at a PlayStation 2-sponsored party. "But according to the audience last Thursday when we tested it, I think [the series will continue]."

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He talked about what the upcoming summer blockbuster film is like.

"We worked really hard not to make this just a sequel. We think this movie really stands on its own. We have 'funny.' It's a very funny movie and it's R-rated, so it's funny you can't even show in a commercial ... It's [also] a much bigger movie [than the first], bigger in story, bigger in character development. People who saw it last Thursday thought it was much funnier. There's just tons of action. It's just really a great ride."