It seems that Michael Bay is undertaking a new sci-fi venture to produce and possibly direct. According to Variety, DreamWorks is finalizing a deal for I Am Number Four, which will be the first in a six-book sci-fi novel series. Bay is currently attached to produce the film, and it was said that he may direct the film as well.

One of the more unusual developments is that one of the book's two authors was said to be James Frey, the infamous author who penned A Million Little Pieces. The book was shopped around under psedonyms, but a source for the trade indicates that Frey is one of the authors of the new book. The studio wouldn't confirm if Frey is indeed one of the authors.

The book centers on nine teenage aliens who escape their home planet right before its obliteration and head to Earth to blend in as high school kids. The title character then discovers that he is being hunted by the enemy species that destroyed his home planet. It was said that the book's publishing and screen rights were being shopped simultaneously.

Frey became embroiled in scandal when it was learned that his beloved non-fiction book, A Million Little Pieces was partially fabricated and embellished by the author.