The Rogue Initiative and Michael Bay today announced a partnership to develop original entertainment properties with a focus on virtual reality and interactive hardware. The new collaboration will produce immersive, virtual adventures offering gritty, danger-close action coupled with Michael Bay's signature style and storytelling that fans all over the world have come to expect from his blockbuster action films. Here's what Pete Blumel, co-founder and CEO of The Rogue Initiative, said in his statement.

"I've enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Mr. Bay and couldn't be more excited to work with him and truly leverage his unique vision and incredible depth of experience to this amazing new medium. We're all absolutely thrilled to be working with such a cinematic powerhouse in the field of action entertainment."

This is Bay's first foray into interactive entertainment; he will direct and The Rogue Initiative will produce and develop original content in cinematic-style VR. The Rogue Initiative officially launched earlier this year with several projects in development. Here's what Michael Bay had to say in his statement.

"I've known Pete for a long time, and he's put together a great team. I'm excited about building new visual worlds for this innovative medium with them."

The company will seek further investment and strategic partnerships to develop its slate of upcoming cinematic, interactive VR, film and television projects for platforms and distribution channels, including Sony Playstation, Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, feature film, network and cable television. Here's what Cathy Twigg, co-founder and Chief Production Officer of The Rogue Initiative, had to say in her statement.

"We take a comprehensive approach in producing our IP for the entertainment landscape, specializing in film, television and interactive experiences with a focus on virtual reality. This enables The Rogue Initiative to align with our partners in expanding our IP to various other platforms and media. We'll be bringing this approach to the properties we co-create with Mr. Bay as well."

Michael Bay will join The Rogue Initiative as a strategic advisor, along with veteran film and television Producer Lynda Obst (whose credits include Interstellar, Contact, Sleepless in Seattle) as well as other recently added advisors, including Cliff Plumer (President, Jaunt Studios at Jaunt VR), Matthew Cohan (President, Bay Films), and Cody Simms (Executive Director, Disney/TechStars). Here's what Hrish Lotlikar, co-founder and CBDO of The Rogue Initiative, had to say in his statement.

"We are producing entertainment properties for a global audience and continue to seek investors and partners internationally that would like to collaborate in developing and distributing our content."

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Rogue Initiative delivers unmatched entertainment and cinematic experiences to global audiences through producing and co-owning original high-end AAA intellectual properties with potential to expand organically from virtual reality (VR) to various other platforms and media. Additionally, the company brings a focus on further advancing technology for better consumer experiences, including VR player controls, navigation, gaze, AI character interaction and the utilization of big data. The Rogue Initiative is backed by top Silicon Valley investors, including Presence Capital and The VR Fund, and led by a veteran team of award-winning entertainment industry professionals, including alumni from the original Call of Duty team, Amblin Entertainment, Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Disney and Activision Studios and Sony Pictures and NBC. Take a look at the concept art for Michael Bay's work with The Rogue Initiative below.

Michael Bay VR Concept Art 1
Michael Bay VR Concept Art 2