It was reported yesterday that Ron Howard said that the film version of Arrested Development is moving forward, and it appears they finally locked in the final holdout in the cast. E! Online is reporting that Michael Cera will finally be joining the Arrested Development film.

The site is also reporting that the movie may go into production by the end of the year, with series creator Mitch Hurwitz currently writing the script and series executive producer Ron Howard in line to direct the feature.

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Howard revealed to the site at the Oscar's on Sunday that further details on the film won't be revealed anytime soon.

"It's looking very much like we're going to make [the movie], but we've now been asked to stop offering any details. It's cloaked in a little mystery, but it's looking good."

We'll certainly keep you posted on any and all developments surrounding the Arrested Development movie as soon as more information comes in.