Michael Chiklis has finally let it be known that he'd prefer for the storyline of the next Fantastic Four movie to focus on the team's classic enemy from the comics, the Puppet Master. Speaking to MTV, Chiklis discussed why that would be his preference for Fantastic Four 3.

"For selfish reasons, I would love to see Puppet Master happen, obviously," he enthused, imagining the possibilities of a Ben Grimm-centered flick. "For those of you who know what I'm talking about, it would really tie in Alicia's character and mine. It's a great story line for the Thing."

In the comics, the Puppet Master is father to the Thing's blind girlfriend Alicia Masters. Using radioactive clay, the Puppet Master is able to control the minds of those he sculpts. Any story which used the Puppet Master as a villain would, by necessity, focus heavily on Chiklis' character.

That said, Chiklis is in no hurry to return to the role. "I'm not gonna call the guys like, 'Hey, what are we doing?' " Chiklis said. "I'm kinda moving on and doing other stuff, which is great. [Another Fantastic Four movie] is sort of on backburner mode for a while."