Video game adaptations are a tricky proposition. Aside from the success of the Resident Evil franchise, Hollywood has yet to really crack the code on bringing first-person shooters and RPGs to the big screen. 2016's Warcraft and next year's Hitman: Agent 47 hope to finally make some headway in terms of translating popular games into big bucks at the box office. And Assassin's Creed is following close behind. But there have been reports of the later adaptation having many problems in making its way to an audience.

In recent months, its been rumored that star Michael Fassbender actually left Assassin's Creed due to his unhappiness with the script. Promoting his new comedic drama Frank, the actor was quick to confirm that he is still with the project, and that he is working hard with the writers to make the best movie possible.

"I'm still a part of Assassin's Creed, and we're working on the script as we speak. Actually, I'm going to go back and see the writers when I get back to Europe."

Michael Fassbender went onto talk about honoring the game, and staying true to its core concept. He also wants to introduce some original elements in making this a cinematic experience, and not just a video game that audiences are watching play out on the big screen.

"You know, we absolutely want to respect the game. There's so much cool stuff in the game that we're actually spoiled for choice in terms of what we can use and what we can't, but we also want to bring new elements to it and perhaps our own version of things that already exist in the game. But we're definitely making a feature film, and we're approaching it as a feature film, as opposed to approaching it as a video game. But I love the world. I don't really play that many video games, but when I met up with the guys from Ubisoft and they started to explain this whole world and the idea of DNA memory - you know, I think it's a very feasible scientific theory. I just thought, 'This is so rich,' and about the possibility of it being this cinematic experience. So I'm really excited about it, and we're working very hard to make sure that we've got the best and most exciting, original package."

He also gave his thoughts on director Justin Kurzel, who joined Assassin's Creed back in April. Michael Fassbender recently worked with the man on Macbeth, which does not yet have a domestic release date.

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"I just think that there's one thing Justin should be doing, and that's directing. I know that from working with him on Macbeth. He's just fantastic in terms of his vision. Adam, the DP that he works with, is amazing. They've got a great shorthand - that's essential. He's fantastic with actors and each department. He's a real heavyweight."

Do you think Assassin's Creed will translate to the big screen?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange