It seems that one of last year's famed basterds is choosing between two superhero villains for his next film project. Showbiz 411 is reporting Inglourious Basterds star Michael Fassbender is being courted for roles in both X-Men: First Class and the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot.

The site reports that Fox wants Fassbender to portray a young Magneto in X-Men: First Class alongside James McAvoy, who will play the young Charles Xavier/Professor X. Columbia also wants Fassbender to portray the villain in the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot, although the site didn't reveal what specific character that villain would be.

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While both are Marvel films, both are at different studios and Fassbender won't be able to do both films due to his schedule and will have to choose between the projects.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments surrounding Michael Fassbender, X-Men: First Class and the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot as soon as we have more information.