Michael Jackson's This Is It Not even some roller-derby girls, Jigsaw or lifelike robots could stop Michael Jackson's swan song atop the DVD charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Jackson's This Is It debuted atop the DVD sales charts, for the week ending January 31.

It was said that the Kenny Ortega concert film sold 1.2 million units, which was believed to be a record for a music DVD. There was plenty of competition on the DVD charts this week, with the Bruce Willis film Surrogates taking second place in sales, but prevented Michael Jackson's This Is It's home video sweep by taking the top spot on the DVD rental chart. Tobin Bell's Saw VI came in third place in DVD sales and sixth on the rental charts while the Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore film Whip It came in fifth place in sales, but took second place on the rental charts.

Michael Jackson's This Is It debuted atop the Blu-ray sales charts as well, with an impressive 21% of the units sold coming in the BD format.