Michael K. Williams, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez have joined the cast of James DeMonaco's horror sequel The Purge 2.

No plot details have been revealed for the sequel, but it will likely be set in the same setting as the first. The original was set in a world that allowed a 12-hour period where all crime is allowed and condoned. Frank Grillo will be starring in sequel in this sequel.

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Michael K. Williams most recently appeared in HBO's hit crime drama Boardwalk Empire with Carmen Ejogo starring in Salim Akil's drama Sparkle. Zach Gilford is best known for his role in ABC's Friday Night Lights and Kiele Sanchez has a role in David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway.

James DeMonaco is directing from a script he wrote. He is also producing with Jason Blum and Sebastien Lemercier.