007: During recent interviews for Kill Bill Vol. 2 with the Toronto Sun, actor Michael Madsen, who appears to be close friends with Pierce Brosnan claims that Brosnan will not be doing anymore 'Bond" films...

"Pierce lives right down the beach from me. Our kids play together," Madsen said during interviews for his own new movie, Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1. "And he told me he doesn't want to do another one.

"I also heard that they bought him out. I really don't know but an impasse is an impasse."

Madsen said he was told that Brosnan will be replaced with an Australian, although he did not know who and could not confirm if it was Hugh Jackman, who has been touted as a possible future Bond. So has Englishman Clive Owen.

Madsen's comments seem to put in stone something that Brosnan has only hinted at. The Irish-born actor admitted last month that, while he was willing to do his fifth Bond picture if the filmmakers could get a decent script written and find a director for the project, the negotiations were not going well. Neither was the script development.

"We've reached an impasse with the producers," Brosnan said in March. "They seem to be paralyzed and cannot move forward. If they want me, they know where to find me.

"I was prepared to do a fifth film and then walk away. I made that very clear to the producers. We had started negotiations and I want to follow through, but conversations and telephone calls have dried up."