Recently FilmFocus had a chat with everyone's favorite bad/introspective guy, Michael Madsen. As it turns out he and Quentin Tarantino had recently been discussing Tarantino's newest project Inglorious Bastards.

"Yeah, we were talking about Inglorious Bastards a couple of hours a go,"

Madsen told FilmFocus,

"he's got an interesting idea of how to make it. I think he's going to cut it up into a couple of different parts, 'cos it's a big story to tell and he doesn't want to cram it all into one show. I don't know the whole story of how he's going to do it but eventually we'll get there, you know."

Madsen continued,

"I'm looking forward to doing it, my father's brother was killed in World War 2, my dad was in the Navy and my cousin Kenny was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. I've always wanted to play a soldier and being able to do it was Quentin is obviously going to be a great time. A great experience, you know. I think his take on it is gonna be... different. It ain't gonna be the norm that's for sure."
"You know,"

Madsen started, referring to his work with Tarantino,

"I think the main thing is that I know what he's thinking, he knows what I'm thinking, we don't really need to gab on about it that much. I'll try stuff that sometimes he's not so sure about and sometimes he'll ask me to do stuff and I don't know what the hell he's talking about, but for some reason it always seems to click with us. It's nice when you find that with a director, you know. I think DeNiro had that with Scorsese. It's just an understanding, I can't describe it. If I knew what it was I think I might not be able to do it, so I just leave it up to him. I'm nowhere without a director."