Kill Bill: Vol 2: A recent interview with Empire Online has actor Michael Madsen talking about his as 'Budd' in the upcoming Kill Bill sequel...

'Ever since Reservoir Dogs I've been known as Mr Blonde,' Madsen tells Empire, 'but that's all about to fucking change. When people see Budd in full flow, they really ain't gonna forget him.'

Budd as Madsen explains, has 'retired from the Viper squad and decided to do something like become a bouncer in a strip club, but when his brother comes to him and says , "She's back," what's the guy gonna do? He's just gotta act.' And act he does – in a decidedly nasty fashion to poor old Uma. 'He does some very dastardly things to The Bride, to Uma. He is genuinely reprehensible at is seriously dark and seriously nasty.'

In other Kill Bill releated news, 2 new posters from the film hit the online world today!

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