Director Michael Mann is teaming up with screenwriter Sheldon Turner for the new mafia biopic Big Tuna, which could be his next project, according to Variety.

The story is based on Chicago mob boss Tony Accardo and his protege, Sam Giancana, who eventually replaced him. Since Big Tuna isn't set up at a studio yet, the director brought Sheldon Turner on board through his own development fund.

Michael Mann is also circling Agincourt, based on the best-selling book by Bernard Cornwell, which tells the tale of a famous 1415 battle between England and France. We also reported last year that Michael Mann was directing a biopic of World War II photographer Robert Capa. It currently isn't clear which of these projects Michael Mann will focus on next.

Sheldon Turner will work on Big Tuna as he readies his directorial debut By Virtue Fall, which will go into production next year.

No production schedule was released for Big Tuna at this time.