Michael Moore has announced he's nearly finished with his follow-up documentary, Sicko for The Weinstein Co.

He emailed his supporters the news on Friday, says Variety, that the film is about three-quarters done.

Moore writes "We've spent the better part of the year shooting our next movie, Sicko. As we've done with our other films, we don't discuss them while we are making them. If people ask, we tell them Sicko is 'a comedy about the 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on Earth."

There's never been full details released on what Sicko is about, however, many believe the doc is based on the government's health care plan. Moore continued his message with, "I realize that my silence doesn't stop the opposition with their weird obsession for me! I have to say I did enjoy Tom DeLay blaming me and Ms. Streisand for why he had to resign from Congress!

Moore says Sicko is on target for a 2007 release.