When documentary filmmaker Michael Moore made Capitalism: A Love Story, he said he would not make another movie until the American public took action against the economic system.

Now that the Occupy Wall Street movement is rapidly growing in popularity, Michael Moore has indicated that he is planning to make a new documentary, although it will not center on Occupy Wall Street. Here's what Michael Moore had to say about his latest project below.

"Yes, I am [planning another film]. But I'm not making a film about this... I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do film-wise, but it will be something that's not being addressed. It will be funny and shocking and hopefully will help move the ball down the field. And as long as I am one among many ... That is why I love going down to Occupy Wall Street. Because I stand there with hundreds as part of this general assembly, and I am one voice. It feels so much better to me to have hundreds of other people sharing in that and saying, 'We're all going to put the yoke on our shoulders and carry this forward.' That feels better than standing alone on the Oscar stage being booed off it."

Michael Moore didn't say when he planned on announcing this upcoming film, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as he does so.