The trailer for SiCKO, Michael Moore's expose of the American health care system, will be projected with full sound and subtitles on the outside of buildings near the headquarters of leading HMOs, insurance companies and hospitals in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Oakland on Monday, June 25th beginning at sundown through 1:00am. Get in your car and drive on by, or park and get out of your car to watch the full trailer ... sort of, an outdoor IMAX-like experience :)

This innovative campaign will enable millions of Americans including employees at leading HMOs, insurance companies and hospitals to see a sneak peak of Michael Moore's acclaimed documentary that explores and examines their industry's role in our nation's troubled health care system.

SiCKO opens nationwide on Friday, June 29th.

The trailer will be simultaneously projected at the following locations from sundown to 1am:


Projection Site: 4343 W. Sunset Blvd.

Locations of interest nearby:

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Hollywood Community Hospital

Health Net

Guardian Rehabilitation Hospital

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center


Projection Site: Times Square, 625 8th Ave. & 40th St.

Locations of interest nearby:

Benefits Quest, Inc.

Empire BlueCross BlueShield

Group Health Inc.

The Guardian

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York

St. Clare's Family Health Center

St. Vincent's Midtown

Roosevelt Hospital

Beth Israel Hospital

NYU Medical Center

NY Presbyterian Hospital

National Jewish


Projection Site: Intersection of Broadway & Montgomery St.

Locations of interest nearby:


Kaiser Permanente

Sutter Health

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Chinese Hospital

Ocadian Hospitals & Care Centers


Projection Site: 1950 Franklin St.

Locations of interest nearby:

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Center

Kaiser Foundation Hospital


Projection Site: 525 N. Michigan Ave.

Locations of interest nearby:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Wells Fargo

Northwestern Memorial Hospital


The words "health care" and "comedy" aren't usually found in the same sentence, but in Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore's new movie SiCKO, they go together hand in (rubber) glove.

Opening with profiles of several ordinary Americans whose lives have been disrupted, shattered, and-in some cases-ended by health care catastrophe, the film makes clear that the crisis doesn't only affect the 47 million uninsured citizens-millions of others who dutifully pay their premiums often get strangled by bureaucratic red tape as well.

After detailing just how the system got into such a mess (the short answer: profits and Nixon), we are whisked around the world, visiting countries including Canada, Great Britain and France, where all citizens receive free medical benefits. Finally, Moore gathers a group of 9/11 heroes - rescue workers now suffering from debilitating illnesses who have been denied medical attention in the US. He takes them to a most unexpected place, and in addition to finally receiving care, they also engage in some unexpected diplomacy.