Best Worst Movie writer-director Michael Stephenson will direct and produce his first narrative feature titled Destroy for Black Swan producer Jennifer Roth.

The story centers on a disillusioned man in Bavaria who believes vampires exist and thus ventures out at night to destroy them, when, in fact, he's really just murdering older men. Lindsay Rowles Stephenson will also produce alongside Michael Stephenson and Jennifer Roth.

Michael Stephenson wrote and directed Best Worst Movie based on his experiences of being a child actor on Troll 2, which is considered one of the worst movies of all time and yet has still developed a cult following. Here's what Michael Stephenson had to say about how his Troll 2 experience has changed his life.

"I was embarrassed by this movie my whole life. But now, a lot of good has come from being in one of the worst movies ever made."

Zack Carlson, programmer of the famed Austin, TX theater Alama Drafthouse, co-wrote the script with Michael Stephenson. Production will take place in Eastern Europe, although it isn't clear when shooting will begin.