With the passing of Michael Turner in June of 2008, it seemed likely that his comic series Fathom would never end up being adapted into film, especially after it had languished in development hell for several years. Well, just recently a source at Fox told IESB that the development of the film had been handed over to their genre arm, Fox Atomic, and that the film is still in progress. Furthermore, if rumors are to be believed, Megan Fox has signed on to play the lead character, Aspen.

Talks about a Fathom film began back in 2003, with James Cameron’s production company involved. Back in 2007, Turner said that the film was now not happening, due to differences of opinion about the direction of the script – namely that most of the elements from the comic had been removed.

Turner passed away in June 2008 after a long battle with bone cancer, however work has continued on the Fathom comic, with Volume 3, Issue 1 being printed in August, 2008. A tribute was held for Turner at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Fathom is about a woman named Aspen, who was brought to dry land on a boat that was thought to have sunk years before her birth. Aspen has no memories of who she is or where she comes from, but her affinity for water is immediately apparent. Aspen goes on to become an Olympic swimmer and marine biologist before becoming involved in research at a high-tech underwater lab. While working at the lab, Aspen becomes aware of her true nature and the water-based superpowers that are her birthright.